Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And Around He Goes

L is a wanderer, especially in social situations.  Looking around a party or large group gathering you typically see a congregation of children laughing and playing.  Off in the distance, though, you'll typically spot L walking the perimeters of the grounds or pacing in circles.  He's in his own world...we say "he's in his imagination."  He seems perfectly content and happy.  If you ask him what he's doing he normally takes the question literally and responds, "Walking."  Yeah, I figured that one out.  But he's doing more than just walking.  He's actively thinking; normally about his topic of interest which for years was trains and train schedules and more recently has morphed to Pokemon.

Though as a parent it is sometimes difficult to see him so removed from the larger group and activity I try and find the balance between encouraging him to join the group but respecting that at times he needs a breather and break from the overload of the social situation.

I just wonder, as he and his peers get older, and friendship is based more upon the interaction with each other instead of just close proximity and circumstance, if he will be able to maintain the friendships he has.  Hmmm?

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