The Beginnings Part I

I had an itch to start a blog.  So I asked myself, "What's my passion?  What consumes my thoughts and time?"  I knew the answer right away, even though I tried to ignore it and wished for it to be something light and fun. seems, for better or worse, everything always returns to THAT (that is, Asperger's) for me.

My 9 year old son, L, has Asperger's and that's what I know and live.  He's high functioning, but has challenges, especially with regulation, social skills, and flexibility, yada, yada.  I always say, "If we could just live in a bubble, everything would be okay."  But we don't and I know deep down inside he's better for it....right?

Anyway, I ADORE him.  I know him like I know myself.  I feel like we don't even have to speak and I know his thoughts, motives, intentions. Though I wish he didn't have Asperger's because I don't want him to struggle or suffer, if I wished it away, it would be like wishing the very essence of who he is away with it.  And I couldn't do that because he is my bright light.

I wish I had started blogging about Asperger's and Spectrum issues years ago because as one goes along so much useful information is uncovered and discovered that would be helpful to the masses.  But, I'll start now.  I think NOW is just as important as THEN. THEN was full of evaluations, doctor's appointments, meetings, therapy sessions, and so on but NOW is full of school problems, friendship issues, communication breakdowns and who knows what else down the road.

So here's to sharing and learning and releasing and moving forward!